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I love this as a reminder to wear around my neck...close to my heart.

April is Autism Awareness Month. When I began teaching in 2003 the CDC statistics for a child born with autism was 1 in 150. The new CDC statistics this year indicate that 1 in 88 births will be a child with autism and 1 in 54 will be a boy born with autism. It is our job to educate ourselves and our community about this disorder. I love someone who has autism . . . how about you?

Found via an google images search on 'Autism'.... inspiring acronym! (

April is Autism Awareness Month. Help us spread facts about Autism all month long!

Why wait to raise awareness for precious kids with #autism and give them the tools they need to unlock their potential?! It's time for ACTION! Get this on a shirt HERE ►

great gift for all of the amazing teachers in Zane's life.

Know the signs and treat this type of child as you would want your special child to be treated! I am so tired of insensitive people and their comments on how to 'fix' my child as if he were broken.

Autism--Wesley had all of these symptoms. Good therapy, good intervention specialists, and most of these symptoms have eased significantly.

I'm lucky to know a couple of amazing mommas of littles on the spectrum. God knew what he was doing when they were matched.

Autism Support Saying. "She Doesn't Think He Needs Fixing." SOLDERED PENDANT Jewelry for Moms. LadyBird. Allison Strine.