Tokyo Rush

At the speed of two, by Fabio Giannelli. Leaves me speechless. Stunning use of panning and contrast.

Wide aperture to get a shallow depth of field to bring emphasise on the wheel and blur out the city street. normal shutter speed of 1/30 as the bike wheel seems to have no motion.

Minimalist Rush Hour

SERENIDAD: Esa Paz que cada ser humano busca y que desearía ver reflejada en el mundo que le rodea...

Street photography

Heinrich Heidersberger Laederstraede, Kopenhagen, 1935



Shutter speed 101

Freedom on a country bike. lifeilluminated #devinecolor

Arthur Tress, Boy on Bike, 1970

by Silena Lambertini. THECYCLINGBUG.CO.UK #thecyclingbug #cycling #bike #girl

The morning after

Insane image... love the tones! By Peter Tandlund, via Flickr.

.In a #time lapse.


st by Simone Lenzi, via 500px

Click on link for amazing photo's. absolutely blown away!

Waterloo Station by Peter Davidson

I like how this picture is set up. It would be fine without going through the bike for the picture, but going through the bike adds an extra element to the photograph.