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This unique looking slug caterpillar is mostly green with brown at each end with a white-ringed purple-brown dot in the center which looks like a saddle. When fully grown, it measures approximately one inch long and 3/8 inch wide. It has a pair of fleshy horns at each end which contain hairs that secrete irritating venom along with protruding spines in every direction. Its stings are painful and can cause swelling, nausea and a rash which lasts for days. The Saddleback Caterpillar can be…

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Nature Blows My Mind! Beautiful But Dangerous Caterpillars

The puss caterpillar (also called southern flannel moth, pussy moth, tree asp, and asp caterpillar) looks more like a miniature tribble from Star Trek than a larvae, and is just begging to be pet. In fact, if you were to touch the puss moth caterpillar you'd get the surprise of your life. Poisonous spines hidden in the touchably fuzzy surface of the caterpillar will break off and lodge in your system

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Community Post: 15 Tiny Animals That Can End You

fancy alert: The Lonomia Caterpillar | 15 Tiny Animals That Can End You Small, sometimes cute, and dangerous!

The caterpillar of the Wavy Emerald Moth. They are known to pluck the petals from the flowers of their host plants and affix them to their backs using silk. Once the petals begin to wilt and discolor, the caterpillar discards the old petals and picks new petals.