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    • Ailsa's Art and Photography

      Underwater photography #amazing #water #photos #models #beautiful #inspiring

    • Vriska Sekret

      There's a dream that Veronica always has. Yet she never talks to anybody about it, she thinks that nobody would care. Anyways, her dream is of a beautiful house completely underwater. The chairs and sheets don't float like you think they would but they stay on the floor of the house. Unlike the furniture, Veronica floats in the water in a white dress. Her skin paler than usual as if she was dead but still breathing. She was choking and suffocating due to the water. (Continued in comments)

    • Laia Garriga

      Underwater Photography Women Underwater photos dreams

    • Anna Sikkink

      This picture is defining what I always wanted to do as a kid. Swim around my house! It would be so cool!

    • Joyce Chantell

      Art Such a cool picture. Makes me think about when they laugh in Mary Poppins and float to the ceiling. Follow CollegeGuyDesign if you like things like this showing up on your dash! 24121984: I used to dream about this when I was a kid. I wanted to be a mermaid, and whenever Id lay in bed, Id picture the house filling up with water and how Id use the space in a whole new way. mermaid

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    nearly every daydream i had from age 5 until.. well, now, involved swimming in fully submerged rooms. love.

    Underwater photography by Phoebe Rudomino

    Abstract Underwater 2 // Vince Cavataio

    Sometimes, I just want to escape. To fall into water's clutches and sink to its depths. To watch breath and life float away softly. To be in a different world and swiftly rise to the top and gasp. To disappear from life and breathe it in again quickly.

    Her screams were silenced by the cold water, causing her arms and legs to go numb. A thought passed her mind right before she fell unconscious, "Why did he push me in?" (Open rp)

    Being underwater, escaping reality into a world of soundless, carless peace even just for a moment is a great feeling to even think about...

    Chalchiuhtlicue ("She of the Jade Skirt") was an Aztec goddess of love, beauty, youth, lakes, rivers, seas, streams, horizontal waters, storms, and baptism. She was also a Goddess of Childbirth and protector of labouring women. Chalchiutlicue's association with both water and fertility is derived from the Aztecs' common association of the womb with waters. This dual role gave her both life-giving and a life-ending role in Aztec mythology.

    ... she threw off her pinstriped suit ... and became a mermaid {junk gypsy co}