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Foot Reflexology. massage the part of your foot that corresponds to the part of your body that hurts and it will slowly reduce and eventually get rid of pain. Helps promote blood circulation to that particular part of the body! Learned this in cosmetology school. Helps me get rid of headaches and cramps naturally.

Looking for a natural detox or diuretic? Check out our Top 10 Natural Diuretic Foods to learn how to detox your body the healthy way!

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Healthy Bean Salad

lower body workout

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100+ Recipe Substitutions - Replacements

Ten Tempting Foods To Swap For Weight Loss. Dieting can be challenging when you are forced to avoid the foods you love. Instead of starving yourself in order to lose weight, consider swapping out your favorite eats for healthy alternatives. Read more:

While you're on detoxing or cleansing your body will show some signs you have built up toxins, that could be a little disgusting. These toxins can affect your both; your health and your fitness. Th...

Oh my gosh this is amazing. Exercise finder -- you click on the body part you'd like to work on and the site gives you a list of exercises that target that area such as your abs, shoulders, arms, etc. #obliques

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How To Identify Food Sensitivities, Natural Treatments, and How To Do An Elimination Diet

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Top 10 Artery-Cleansing Superfoods

Prev post1 of 3Next Arteries are blood vessels that deliver oxygen-rich blood from the heart to different tissues throughout the body. Each artery is a muscular tube consisting of three layers: The intima (the inner layer) The media (a layer of muscle that handles the high pressure from the heart) The adventitia (the connective tissue

Successful Safe Liver Cleanse in 24 Hours – Get rid of over 1000 Liver Stones (Literally) This liver cleanse that we are suggesting you dramatically improves digestion which is the basis of good health and you can expect the disappearance of all your allergies, pain in the shoulders, upper arm and the upper back. #livercleanse #howto