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Rebecca Horn, The Feathered Prison Fan, 1978.

Rebecca Horn

Rebecca Horn - Pencil Mask 1973

Oscar Schlemmer, Diver costume from the Triadic Ballet, 1922

rebecca horn | 01 Magazine

Rebecca Horn. Still from performance of Körperfächer, 1972, from Performances II, 1970-73. Courtesy of the artist and Sean Kelly Gallery, New York. https://uk.pinterest.com/juancarlosconto/rebecca-horn/

Rebecca Horn

Rebecca Horn - pencil mask

Nhu Xuan Hua Photography / Rebirth

Rebecca Horn, Butterfly Sculpture, 2000 . http://theredlist.com/wiki-2-351-382-1160-1174-view-germany-profile-horn-rebecca.html

Rebecca Horn- White Body Fan

Rebecca Horn: Federkleid, 1972 (Feather Instrument) Silver gelatin print, printed 2000 Image size: 54,0 x 45,0 cm

Rachel Whiteread

Ernesto Neto

Sharon Arnold's Paper Cut Art

beautiful watercolour feather on paper

Bart Hess - Slime. [These images and choice of material evoke a human foetus struggling to emerge from the womb to become its own person. Perhaps the beings do not want to enter into the current world, perhaps they are the results of experimental eugenics/bioengineering. The sliminess of the latex evokes a sense of disgust and discomfort, the unnatural, the bizarre. ..]

Nick Cave Soundsuits