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Maria Callas and Marilyn Monroe met at Madison Square Garden, New York on 19 May 1962 (the night Monroe sang 'Happy Birthday' to JFK).

The opera singer, Maria Callas and Marilyn Monroe met at Madison Square Garden, New York on 19 May the night Monroe sang 'Happy Birthday' to JFK.

JFK and Marilyn Monroe We judge,criticize but do we look inside ourselves and think or want to remember situations,lovers we have had or desired. The thought of not being with the one person we should not have and yet the thought of losing that one person s unthinkable,intolerant. So please let us not throw rocks we all live in houses of glass.

Another "rare" image. (Kennedy + Monroe,,,Costly affair: A rare image of Marilyn with President John F. Kennedy together at JFKs 19 May 1962 birthday party at the White House.

Everyone likes to peek into each-others lives, rooms, moments, and doorways. Perhaps it’s that nagging feeling that you’re missing something great, or maybe you’re just secretly hoping that you’re not missing anything at all.  Rare photos of famous people

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"Rare Photo of JFK with Marilyn Monroe?" This is the work artist Alison Jackson who created fake images of celebrities in revealing poses by using look-alikes in place of the celebrity.

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Maria callas and salvador Dalí

Two iconoclasts: Maria Callas and Salvador Dalí. (Have you ever noticed that his mustache looks like her eyebrows, upside down?