Before I die, I want to...

CHECK! Many times now :)

Gamble in Vegas.

Bucket list

After my bucket list is complete:)<3

bucket list: visit puerto rico

bucket list (done)

Bucket List

bucket list


Take a Picture Under The Las Vegas Sign #Bucket list #Before I Die

Visit Las Angeles, California

So fun

Done <3

1/27/2012 ... Friends With Benefits made this look like the coolest thing in the world. PS I'm putting the date on here so I know what day I officially put it on my bucket list, and (hopefully!) one day I'll be able to come back and put the date that I actually did this on! It'll be cool to see how long it takes you to do some things.


Your Bucket List.

Things I've done with Chris

Walked around the outside gate but I would love to see the inside!

Go To Vegas With My Best Friend(s) (6.15.14)