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Quinoa veggie sushi....yummy

Roasted Veggie Quinoa Salad:: 1 c rinsed quinoa, 2 c chicken stock, 1 tsp extra virgin olive oil, 4 cloves chopped garlic, 1/2 tsp sea salt. ---- Roasted Vegetables:: 2 bell peppers cubed, 1 zucchini cubed, 1 squash cubed, 1 red onion cubed, 1 fennel bulb cubed, 4 garlic cloves, 1 Tbs Herbs de Provence, 2 Tbs extra virgin olive oil, 1/2 tsp smoked salt. ---- Dressing:: 1/2 lemon juiced and zested, 2 Tbs extra virgin olive oil, fresh herbs.

Spicy Kale and Quinoa Salad with Sweet Corn Avocado and Black Beans

Vegetarian Mini Pizzas.

Cranberry Orange Quinoa Salad by familyspice #Salad #Cranberry #Orange #Quinoa #Healthy

Grilled Vegetables with Balsamic Marinade/Vinaigrette

Mediterranean Quinoa Salad in a Jar - I make this salad on Sunday and have for lunch on Meatless Mondays. Drizzle with our homemade Vinaigrette. #cleaneating #superfoods #lowcalorie

Lemon Quinoa Salad with Pistachios & Sun-Dried Tomatoes | #quinoa #vegetarian

Thai Basil Eggplant - 290 calories for veggies/sauce when recipe is split into 5 servings.

Garlic and Thyme Quinoa Patties | 32 Ways To Eat Quinoa And Succeed In Life

Southwestern Quinoa Salad with Black Beans, Red Bell Pepper and Cilantro

Quinoa salad-in-a-jar!

Quinoa, quinoa salad, quinoa cakes

Tomato Basil Quinoa Salad

Looks delicious and healthy! I love it when those two come together.

For those who haven't tried quinoa yet, here's a recipe that I'm sure will make you a quinoa lover. Quinoa Meatless Meatballs!