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Andrew Garfield

Celeb Eye Candy

Famous Actor Lover To Famous Actress Emma Stone Aka Andrew Garfield From The Amazing Spiderman Movie.

Dylan O'Brien * whispers in his ear while stroking his hair * I love you

Dylan O'Brien AKA Stiles from Teen Wolf. One of my favorite characters ♥

Josh Hutcherson I would gladly:)lol

Who wouldn't be willing to hop onto the back of Josh Hutcherson's motorcycle? I mean, come on. I'll hop on ur motorcycle any day *suggestive face emoji*

˚Josh Hutcherson

I know Josh Hutcherson is only and that he plays Peeta Mellark in the Hunger Games (which is why I'm IN LOVE) But I don't care. Boy is fine as hell!

Josh Hutcherson being more attractive than Ryan Gosling. I said it, it is out there, and I won't try to take it back

He played two of my favorite characters.Jess Aarons and of course Peeta Mellark. Josh Hutcherson, you make nerdy girls everywhere smile.