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Por un mundo sin reggaetón

Por un mundo sin reggaetón


Some people come into your life so that you know who you don't want to be like. A couple people come to mind.


New rule. No second chances with me. If you can't be a good person without major effort then I'm not dealing with you. Handed out second chance, third chance, sometimes even more than that but I learned my lesson.

Dexter~ Only 1 Person if you want to call    (IT)   That..... In Mind~    Whaahahahahaha,,,....... I could be just like him..   :D

trivia,quotes,Dexter Dexter Morgan leads a double life as a police forensics specialist of crime scenes by day, and a serial killer by night of criminals whom have gotten away with murder through legal technicalities. He hides his double life fro

#gym #workout #motivation #fitness #fitnessaddict

#gym #workout #motivation #fitness #fitnessaddict

So many people assume and think they know what life with Fibromyalgia is like, but what they think is usually extremely far from the reality of living with it. So few, that do not have this illness, will ever know the truth.

TOY - Perfect Match is UNIQUE and YOU are a SOLITAIRE

Meeting someone with the same mindset as you is rare, INFJ and INFP-T

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Good Reminder for certain people in my life. Stop wasting time and energy on those who don't show the same respect. With some people, it's always going to be ALL about them ALL the time.


So true. Let them miss you sometimes when your always available they take you for granted because they think you will always stay.

Don't waste words on people who deserve your silence. Sometimes the most powerful thing you can say is nothing. I couldn't agree more.

Don't worry b happy

Pretty sure I wasn't happy during child birth but it was worth it. Pretty sure I'm not happy when working out but it's worth it. Pretty sure I'm not happy when ____ but it's worth it.