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good challenge to figure out why it works

I, just once want to find a number that dosent work. Even 1 and 0 work. Ugh>>>>>>>>same. Even decimals work

Works every time

Works every time

Funny pictures about It Works Pretty Much Every Time. Oh, and cool pics about It Works Pretty Much Every Time. Also, It Works Pretty Much Every Time photos.

I'll keep this in mind when I get strep tests... Maybe I can stop kicking the poor Dr's!

No gag reflex! I don't know if it works but the thought of watching people do this makes me giggle!

Try really hard not to look at the answers before you come up with your own, as tempting as it is.

A Few Riddles To Keep Your Brain On The Right Track

Try really hard not to look at the answers before you come up with your own, as tempting as it is. >>> some stories need a riddle.

Im an idiot. I thought it was the missing zero in the beginning but the i read the comments and face palmed

I looked at the numbers about five time till I noticed that was the wrong thing to be looking at 😅

So I have not ever hated anyone. I just disliked them. Hate is way too strong of a word. It's such an ugly word too.

WTF fun fact - A person hates you for 1 of 3 reasons: They want to be you They hate themselves They see you as a threat

Interesting but very weird

well that explains why I laugh really really loud when I'm tickled.// I kick when i'm being tickled.

Gotta try this

If you think someone is staring at you, yawn. If they yawn, they were staring. Too funny!

love random facts

Art love random facts quotes-and-funnies

Interesting. I dont have any such

So on my thigh. Well it's near veins so I guess I bled to death. So I was in some war time and got shot in my upper thigh when I died.

Try this, it's cool!

Pretty simple if you understand basic math

Riddle me this... your dad

How Fast Can You Solve These 10 Riddles?

A++ Wonder kid! These 15 questions were taken from actual tests for genius kids. Can you pass it?

that's me!!

Random fact My son and niece are its!

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