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    5th-6th goal setting lesson (steps to reach goal and overcome challenges) Ormie the Pig- video to work on overcoming obstacles to achieve success!

    • Kim Duckworth

      Ormie the Pig- How does Ormie get his cookie? (For a Free Friday) Book Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar

    • Libby Lanigan Ormie is a Pig, in every sense of the word. Pig see cookie. Pig want cookie. But they are out of reach...or are they? See Ormie's attempts to gain the warm sweet taste that is his obsession. Watch the short film that has film festival audiences laughing and cheering. Ormie has garnered 8 Festival Awards inc...

    • Lymari Rivera

      :24 What can you infer about this pig? 1:05 Do you think he will reach the cookie jar? Why?1:21 How does he feel about the cookies? Why is he sad? 1:40 Could he have done this differently? 2:53 Will he finally get the cookies? How does he feel now?

    • Tracy Garr-Johnson

      Ormie the Pig; GREAT for teaching inferences Structures: camina, se cae, tiene hambre, se sube, se baja, quiere comer, no puede salir, agarra. vuela, está enojado

    • Brooke Abdramane

      Ormie the Pig ~ Great for teaching Prediction, Inference will love this!

    • Kim Warriner

      Ormie the Pig; GREAT for teaching inferences

    • Christine Berry

      Ormie the Pig; Please watch -funny

    • Mary Grace

      Inferencing video 2

    • Sarah Olson

      Predicting Video

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    Inferencing: There are little to know words spoken. What do you infer will happen?

    First, next, then, last...(Who, what, where, when, why, how) Hilarious! Stop it at various points and predict. Could also use for making inferences

    Pigeons - Cute animation cartoon Another illustration of making Inferences.

    infer/draw conclusions Wordless short video - have kids write story for it using dialogue, action, thought

    For The Birds: Great Video for Cause and Effect Lesson

    EXCELLENT short film to teach inferring.


    The Literacy Shed. A collection of videos on each writing genre - with writing prompt for each clip!

    "Defective Detective" - Avner Geller and Stevie Lewis - YouTube Detective infers incorrectly--fun for when teaching inferences

    4-Minute Scrat Video: Use for inferring, predicting, cause and effect. Possible discussions: What does he value? How does he problem solve? What is the lesson(s)?

    French Toast / Short Animation Movie You use your SCHEMA (what you already know / your prior knowledge) and EVIDENCE (observations / clues) to make an INFERENCE. Your assignment is to watch the film but pause to infer at 1:50, 3:35, 4:25, and 6:24. What do you think will happen? What can you Predict?

    Fabulous in First: Inferring Cards

    FLYING OVER AMERICA. This is flippin fantastic!!! Real film + animation for a look at our great country like you have never seen before. You will love it. Enjoy :))

    Read this book without showing the pictures and have the students draw the monsters using inference.


    "Ormie" by Arc Productions - Fabulous little movie for teaching story elements, including plot . . . don't forget THEME! Fill in anchor chart with this short for character, setting, theme (all of which have been pretaught). USE SWB . . . graphic org? Explore plot together, rewatch and complete graphic for plot; fill in anchor chart.

    From Disney's Series "A Poem Is" ... April Rain Song by Langston Hughes (Read by Liev Schreiber)

    ▶ los pajaros (for the birds) - Inference video clip

    inference short video 2 min

    Disney Fairies Films - How To Build A Snowman--so cute and funny!