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    Hello! Do you like bread? I do! And to make it cute for yourself ) or the kiddos...perfect! This little piggy bread recipe was posted by someone I love, and I just have to share it with you. As I c...
    July 28, 2012

    Adorable Piggy Bread recipe. You have to see this! | ShelleyJo's Life Beat

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      Wish Id a Thought of This - Food ideas / Piggy Bites #recipe | #recipes #kids #food #drink

    • Kathleen Johnson

      Piggy Bread... Kids would LOVE these; dipped in a pizza marinara sauce. Although the recipe sounds a bit complicated. Must be a way to make these with prepared refrigerated doughs. The recipe mentions a 'first dough' followed by a 'puff dough' and mix them together ??? OK

    • Tammy

      School Lunch / Lunch Box Ideas: Piggy Bread (This one DOES have a recipe) #kidfood #lunchbox #schoollunch #bento #snack

    • Karin Cumbley

      Piggy bread for my Mom. Love this idea, just so cute and the right sizefor kids small AND BIG!

    • Heather K

      Piggy Bread- seriously cute- need one of the kids to get a teacher with pigs as their theme now!

    • Kristen Behm

      Piggy Bread recipes - make with puff pastry or crescent rolls instead?

    • Ward Archer

      Piggy bread! My kids will so have to make these for my wife Lol!

    • Melia Padgett

      Piggy Bread Rolls . pigs . cute . fun food

    • Jodi Jackson Johnson

      piggy bread! Want to make Piggy Bread yourself? Check out this darling recipe we found over at Café Chocolada. Ingredients to make about 20 piglets Dough: 13.5 oz all purpose flour 1 package instant dry yeast 1 egg 7 oz plain yogurt 3.5 oz warm milk a pinch of salt Puffed or flaky dough: 5.5 oz flour 3.5 oz magarine (unsalted) pinch of salt Filling: As much as you like: cheese, tomato (pizza) sauce, oregano (or something else you would like for filling) Wash: Egg white to use as adhesive Egg yolk and some milk to brush on at the end Instructions: •First, make dough by mixing all ingredients together, then let it rise in a warm place. •In the meantime, make puff dough with the second batch of ingredients. Then mix it into the risen dough (yes, mix them together). Work it well on a floured surface. •Roll the dough and with a round cookie cutter (or other round object) cut out circles about 3 inches in diameter. Leave some dough for ears and noses. •Make filling with cheese, tomato sauce (pizza sauce) and oregano. You can be creative and use different kinds of ingredients to make a filling of your own. You can also add ham or salami or vegetables. •Place half of circles onto a baking sheet (lined with parchment paper), brush the edges with the egg white wash. •Put some filling in the middle, cover with the other half of the circles, and press the edges to ensure nothing will come out while baking. •With the remainder of the dough, make much smaller circles for the nose. Then make some circles around 2 inches in diameter. Cut these in quarters for the ears. Use the egg whites as a an adhesive for the ears and nose. •For eyes and nostrils use a toothpick to make little lines and then inside, put cumin, pepper or something similar. •Now that you have little piglets, let them rise again for a little while. Then brush them with a little bit of egg yolk wash mixed with a little bit of milk. •Bake for about 20-25 minutes at about 385-405 degrees F. Our note: You can use some other kind of herb for the eyes if you are concerned about kids biting into peppercorns, or just warn your kids to pop out the yes before eating. We’d love to see pictures and hear your stories about how you’ve been inspired by one of our stationery items. Embarking on your own little baking adventure? Working on a décor project? Do share by leaving a comment below or send your ideas to Tags: baking, gift tags, party favors, party inspiration, pigs Posted in Tiny Tidbits Read more:

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