My name is Sam. These are the musings and inspirations of a California girl. Life goals include attending the 2029 Academy Awards ceremony, learning to ride a motorcycle and raising a kitten of superior intelligence that shall be known as Catfucious.

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f the thought of living in a modern, minimalist style apartment, doesn’t appeal to you, you may be interested in turning your home into a treasure trove of fascinating, design...

RP "Hanne and Søren Berzant's handsome turn-of-the-century home in Hellerup has untreated floorboards and white surfaces broken up with paintings, photos, candles, books and natural objects – from twigs and sheepskin rugs to antlers and skulls"

My Mother used to always frame and hang our "art" on the wall. With 5 kids though, it was "Artist" of the month. She used to always switch out the toys in the toy box every month also. It was like "Christmas" all over again the of the month.

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