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    • Lissie Brown

      Nerd Girl Problem bbc over anything! Sherlock <3 Downton Abbey <3 SCD

    • Kitty

      THIS ISNT EVEN TRUE! Jersey shore is MTV. If you're going to insult reality tv know wtf you're talking about. Also, dr who sucks...just watch BBC America you dummies.

    • Nelly Martinez

      England has a magical channel called BBC where shows like Sherlock and Doctor Who (and Top Gear!) originated. America boasts Jersey Shore and Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Truth!

    • Alysse P.

      Nerd Girl Problem - 25 - England has a magical channel called BBC where shows like Sherlock and Doctor Who originated. America has E!, which boasts Jersey Shore and

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    I truly need this bound to a button on my keyboard for all the times I want to correct people. One of my biggest grammar pet peeves.

    You forgot, "Allons-y" "Geronimo" and "Bow Ties are cool" basically any line from Sherlock and Doctor Who I can hear in any of the actors voices.

    Absolutely. This is why I have a porch. And a giant comfy reading chair in my room.

    When you're trying to read but you can't find a comfortable enough position.