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life line

' life line ' .when life is a problem, solve it.when life is a game, play it.when life is a journey, complete it.life is what we make it. life line

He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.

Архетип Отца обусловлен своим временем и поколением, он историчен. Отцы выступают как представители закона и порядка, передают высочайшие ценности цивилизации, контролируют воспитание каждого человека и удостоверяют его совершеннолетие (причисляя к взрослым только тех, кто разделяет ключевые ценности отцов). Защита канона ценностей отцов проявляется в психической структуре как "сознание".

My Father and My Son, 1969 by Raghu Rai. in black and white photography -I think this would be really cute with a baby and its dad

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Signora con chitarra.  (Contadina che suona - qualcosa di sicuramente bello).

♪♫♩♬ Music is beautiful at any age ♪♫♩♬ {photo credit from Guitars in the Classroom}

Saatchi Online Artist Salvador Abarca Arriaga; Photography, "Hands be still" #art

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dougiefromscotland: “breezingby: “ ~ ~ ~ ♫ ♪ ♫ ~ ” Left handed double bass player are rare ”

121clicks.comSebastião Salgado - Inspiration from Masters of Photography - 121Clicks.com

Ladder, The Gold Mine, Serra Pelada, Brazil - Sebastiao Salgado (the Master of alla photographers) 1986 gelatin silver print

joy I love this. Thought I would put this under Christmas...Never seen a camel grin like that. I love it.Makes me so happy.

I could not erase what the pinner before had written under this smiling camel!"joy I love this. Thought I would put this under Christmas.Never seen a camel grin like that." Too funny!

People in the field apart from blood veins have wind, have land, have water and have sky..

Carmen Haro. on

A bird in the hand is worth. oh, hang on. Three birds in the hand is worth.

Still hitting the notes

grumpy looking people laughing Candid people picture taking is a hobby I love. You catch many different emotions,situations and it's all unscripted. Life unfolding before your very eyes.