Crab-apple blossoms...Gorgeous colors and textures of Springtime! A perfect design for one of my crochet lariat necklaces. 💝KnittingGuru

tinnacriss:DSC_5515-2 by Gary RandallFlowering plum blossoms in Welches, Oregon

In Bloom

Flowering Crabapple Tree

Purple Lisianthus



Oh my.....

coral crush


These sakura bloom a little later, are double petels and are a brighter pink............. v

Purple Dahlia

Apple Blossoms

■ Gorgeous Flowers and Love... Pansy: beautiful gorgeous pretty flowers

Stunning Pink Flower, probably a Mimosa blossom. Fantastic fragrance.

Dahlia--It almost glows!


I love wild flowers.

Lovely Lilacs & Blossoms, all white and silver <3

Snow queen clematis