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Quito, Ecuador. going here was such a neat experience & i think i have a picture just like this! :)

South America | Portrait of an Andean woman with braids and traditional hat, Pisac Village, Peru #braids

Thank you for coming to me in my dream Dad. I needed you, and you are still there... Exactly nine years to the day you went to heaven, you still come to me and heal my heart. I love you too. Im glad youre happy. Your hug was beautiful. Its going to help me get through today. Thank you. :)

Ecuador, highlands, pujili, local indian market, woman with llamas used for transportation

If you have a moment of silence, you may see something of value there—it is a better way to be than to be full of negative states. --Belsebuub, Guest Waking Times

Glassed in attitude, very cool stuff. smooth: Soup - What everyones posting right now