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Ashburn's Ice Cream was a Fort Worth Institution! My favourite flavour was Lemon Custard. Also they service Pumpkin ice cream in October and November.

this conjure's up images of flip-flops, summer skirts, having spent the day at the beach, had a BBQ for dinner and now a twilight walk to get ice cream...somewhere in California perhaps (even though I've never been).

Leddy's Hand Made Boots (sign) - Fort Worth, TX by JoshuaPulis, via Flickr

(Eat) Brynja, Akureyri – often said to to be the best ice cream parlour in Iceland

Ranch Radio Sign - Fort Worth - Best music on the internet.....www.959theranch .com Texas by Glyn Lowe Photoworks, via Flickr

This brings back so many fond memories of 4th of July with my family as a kid... A day full of swimming, fire works, and the best homemade ice cream made by the sweetest Aunt ever! Miss you Aunt Betty! ♥

Route 66 Welcome to Texas roadside sign

Sho 'Nuff...meaning, Sure enough Vintage cherry ice cream soda sign... That's Billy Sho-nuff, the cherry soda delivery boy!