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Macie the Mixed Breed-I'm in Doggie Heaven!

Macie is the biggest lover you will ever find. Nothing makes her happier than being held and cuddled, hence her nickname 'Cuddle Bug'.

Maddy the Mixed Breed

Maddy was part of an abandoned litter of puppies my coworker found in her barn. At only 7 weeks old, Maddy was a sassy ball of fluff.

Ruby the Mixed Breed-Is mommy home yet?  Ruby and her brother...priceless rescue story!!!

My husband and I found Ruby while driving by a busy highway. I stopped my car to see she was obviously a very sick stray. I sat down and called her to come to me and she crawled right into my arms.

Dolly the Mixed Breed-Here's Dolly with her new toy!

Dolly is a mixed breed puppy. We aren't exactly sure of her heritage, but we believe she has some Lab, terrier, and spaniel in her. Dolly is a wild child! She loves to run through the yard and play wi

Dottie the Mixed Breed-This pup is a rescue! Glad someone saw what a beauty she is!

My name is Dottie and I am a rescue pup from Georgia. I was rescued just in the nick of time thanks to my mom, dad and the awesome people at Baby's Place Rescue!

Lisa the Mixed Breed.

Lisa the Mixed Breed-Sweet and touching rescue story!

Jack the Mixed Breed-Consensus in the comments seems to favor Rodesian Ridgeback as a possible breed for this cutie. Whatever-He's all Spunk!

Hi, I'm Jack.

Huckleberry the Mixed Breed-Chew it Up!

We found Huck at our local zoo's pet adoption day. He's got a tail that never stops wagging and he's the star of his puppy classes.

Obie the Mixed Breed-Beautiful rescue puppy!

Obie is a Boxer/Lab/Dalmatian rescue puppy from Illinois. He loves to play fetch, will do anything for cheese and peanut butter, has to say hello to every person and dog he sees, is learning how to go

Sadie the Mixed Breed-Sweet little face!

Last Sunday we drove to our favorite breakfast place and as we rounded the corner we saw a sign 'Free Puppies' right outside!

I'll be good. ..promise!

Leia the Mixed Breed-Sweetie!

Angel the Mixed Breed- Very pretty little girl!

Hi, new friends! My name is Angel and I'm a Bernese Mountain Mix (at least that's what the vet thinks). I was named by my foster dad who said my white chest markings looked like an angel.

cannot resist the power of a cheeseburger.

I would NOT leave my burger by MY corgi like this.

Sury the Mixed Breed-And she found a treasure!

Sury is a wonderfully lively puppy! She was rescued from a high-hill shelter in South Carolina and currently resides in Washington, D. Sury has been exploring her new home over the past few weeks an

Scotty the Mixed Breed

Hello, I'm Lea. I love chewing shoes and causing trouble--just look at my smile. My mum rescued me from being a stray when I was kicked out of my home.

~ :)

Jello the Beagle Mix-I can FLY! What a truely adorable Beagle!