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Blue Clematis - Another beautiful blue flower for summertime gardens - makes it feel cooler just being around them!

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Clematis Diamantina, rich blue-purple, fully double blooms of 4-6 inch pom-poms on flowering vines

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PASSION FLOWER CLEMATIS: An eye-catching variety perfect for adorning arbors, posts and trellises. BUTTERFLIES!

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Clematis 'Franziska Maria' - Fully double dahlia-like flowers that bloom all summer long. Zones 4-10

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Clematis 'Piilu' is a clematis that produces two different kinds of flowers. In spring this variety has the most amazing double flowers, and in summer it adds to the profusion of flowers a second time but with single flowers. Such a picture in your garden! Also suitable for in a spacious patio planter with a climbing support. The Clematis 'Piilu' really should be in your garden! Height supplied approximately 25 cm.

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Clematis 'Boulevard Fleuri' blooms a very long time

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Clematis 'Dancing Smile' - Climbing Seeds & Plants - Thompson & Morgan Double flowering clematis

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Klehm's Song Sparrow Farm and Nursery--Clematis--'Violet Elizabeth'. Large, pastel pink blooms are a stunning choice for a garden of soft tones or as a contrast to dark foliage. Light yellow stamens enhance the lovely pastel effect of this Clematis. Double flowers in early season, then single and sometimes double flowers later in the season.