Class made books

I do love The Important Book

Teaching with themes in your kindergarten and first grade classroom

the BEST book bin labels i have seen (& free)! It also has great tiny corresponding labels for each book, so students can know which bin the books go in! LOVE!!

TONS of class books to make for your classroom

Class Book

Ideas from a 1st grade teacher

All the bulletin boards in the world (almost) in one gigantic blog post full of wonderful, colorful photos. This will take care of most teachers for a long, long time!

Once Upon a First Grade Adventure:! All About Your New Teacher! {Editable Book Kit}

School Bus Driver - How We Roll

Choosing the Right Chapter Books

Free! Printable 1st Grade Book Report from (also adaptable for older grades)

First Grade Jitters by Robert Quackenbush

A Pete the Cat class book

awesome idea - a class list with each students picture. Perfect for a sub binder. Perfect for volunteer also!!!

First Grade Wow: If I Can Think It...

Cute behavior chart! {Free download}. This is what they use in my son's kindergarten class. Each child has their own clothes pin to represent where their behavior is.

Fun in First Grade: 1st Day of School Tips

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O-fish-ally in first grade