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How to Keep Crochet Edges Straight.

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Basic Rectangle Granny - instructions for making a blanket that is rectangular, not square.

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Crochet Basketweave Stitch - Good Tutorial ❥ 4U // hf

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Demystifying Double Crochet - How to Double Crochet for Beginners

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The best, clearest tutorial I've seen to help beginners get straight edges when doing rows of Double Crochet(USA terms) or Trebles (UK terms).

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Crochet Spot » Blog Archive » 3 Ways to Use Crocheted Twirls - Crochet Patterns, Tutorials and News

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A crochet tip tutorial. A great technique to get fantastically straight edges to your sc squares.

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Reversible afghan Tutorial ♡ Teresa Restegui ♡

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Crochet Braided Cowl

Braid five strands of double crochet chains. Imagine the braid in five different colors!

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where had this been all my life??? short video showing alternate double crochet turning stitch - instead of ch3. makes a clean edge.

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How to Crochet Clean Edges along Rough Edges Tutorial by Felted Button (Colorful Crochet Patterns)

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crocheted scallops with tutorial

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finished edge 010 resize

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Rectangular Diamond Trellis Basket – Free crochet pattern with video tutorial!

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Pinner says: I use this all the time, so just had to repin it for others to learn. Seriously once you master it, you'll never want to do it any other way. Also there are lots of photos and a video to help you learn. Foundation single crochet, this is an excellent tutorial for this fabulous method for your first two rows, keeps them from getting too tight, and it's very easy..

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lacey scarf crochet pattern

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Moss stitch tutorial, from Made By Mriek: Simple SC & chains, but my biggest challenge is keeping the edges perfectly straight :-) #crochet