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Biskvit, Russian Cake

yes this is my favorite cake to bake (the first one i ever did bake) i have made this cake more than 10 times in the past 6 months!! this cake was the beginning on my love affair with the kitchen! idk something about baking and cooking soothes me! makes me happy when ppl enjoy the things i make! go check natashas blog out, amazing russian food recipes!

How To Make Perfect Sponge Cake- Russian Biskvit Cake: This traditional Russian dessert called bisvit also known as sponge cake.

Paska Easter Bread Recipe (Kulich) #Russian_recipes #Russian_desserts

This Coffee Macarons have a nice hint of coffee flavors, No fail, step by step photo recipe!

Cake Spartak - GrabandgoRecipes.com Russian Home Cooking Recipes

Napoleon Cake Recipe

Best cannoli filling ever! So easy to make with simple ingredients. Tastes heavenly!

An interesting twist on creating a beautiful cake.... ᘡղbᘠ

Magic Cake  |  Kitchen Nostalgia

russian cake - ptich'e moloko (bird's milk) souffle

Walnut Torte - Ukrainian layered cake, My mother used to make this.

Poppy seed cake "Kievlyanochka" / Ukrainian kitchen / Kukorama - delicious recipes!

Lena's Russian Honey Cake Recipe

Russian Food | Meat Stuffed Blinchiki / Blintzes – Everyday Russian Food

Russian Black Bread - made this over the weekend, very happy with the results!! Great with soup or a hearty meal. Soup's On: Comfort Food from Russia and Ukraine Beef Stew and Soda Bread Lamb Stew and Soda Bread Easy Slow Cooker Pot Roast with Artisan Bread Try Menu Planner | View Sample Menus » Recently Viewed Recipes Russian Black Bread

Russian Napoleon Cake Recipe

Emerald Wedding Cake with Dahlia Sugarflower

Ptichye Moloko Recipe (Bird’s Milk)