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Mom's Spartak Cake

yes this is my favorite cake to bake (the first one i ever did bake) i have made this cake more than 10 times in the past 6 months!! this cake was the beginning on my love affair with the kitchen! idk something about baking and cooking soothes me! makes me happy when ppl enjoy the things i make! go check natashas blog out, amazing russian food recipes!


Russian Korolevsky Cake (King's Cake)

Korolevsky (Russian King's Cake). Looks delicious! Russians and Ukrainians are known for their fantastic cakes and desserts Russian Home Cooking Recipesfrom Russian Home Cooking Recipes

How to Make Perfect Sponge Cake- Russian Biskvit Cake – Бисквит

How To Make Perfect Sponge Cake- Russian Biskvit Cake: This traditional Russian dessert called bisvit also known as sponge cake.

Let the Baking Begin!from Let the Baking Begin!

Markiza Cake (Cake Marquise)

Cake "Markiza". Торт “Маркиза” #Russian_recipes #Russian_food #Russian_desserts Russian Home Cooking Recipesfrom Russian Home Cooking Recipes

Russian Medovik cake with pumpkin and spice recipes

Honey Cake-Russian Medovik cake with pumpkin and spice recipes

Mom's Dishfrom Mom's Dish

Russian Honey Cake

Russian Honey Cake i have tried this its amazing


Mom’s Adjika Recipe – A Russians’ Pesto! (Аджика)

Adjika. (Russian). A sauce that's described as a "Russian Pesto" and goes good with pasta. Seems very healthy -- uses apples, carrots, bell peppers, garlic, tomatoes, jalapeno peppers and olive oil... sounds quite yummy! Can be stored in jars like above! :)

Lady Behind the Curtainfrom Lady Behind the Curtain

Caramel Banana Cake Roll

Caramel Banana Cake Roll Ингредиенты (торт) 1 стакан муки для сдобы 1/2 чайной ложки соды выпечки 1/2 чайной ложки соли 1/4 чайной ложки порошка выпечки 2 яйца 3/4 стакана сахара, разделенных 1/2 стакана пюре из спелых банана (около 1 среда) 1 чайная ложка ванильного экстракта 1 чайная ложка тертой лимонной цедры 3 яичных белка 1 столовую ложку сахара кондитеров


Russian Pelmeni Recipe + New Dough

Russian Pelmeni Recipe + New Dough Recipe!

Will Cook For Smilesfrom Will Cook For Smiles

Napoleon Cake

Russian Apple Cake Recipe ~ it’s delicate and light. Wonderful to have with your morning tea or as an afternoon snack... Amazing!


8-Layer Honey Cake Recipe (Medovik)

I love this recipe and this website. Russian cakes! Such easy recipes. @NatashasKitchen

Пирожки быстрого приготовления: "Сей Момент!" - Простые рецепты Овкусе.ру


Russian Cherry Layer Cake

Russian recipes with photos | russian cherry cake recipe


How to Make PoppySeed Filling (2 ways)

How to make the best poppy seed filling for cakes and pastries. The store-bought version can’t touch this! from @natashaskitchen