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Quiz: Which Member Of One Direction Should You Marry? I don't have to take the quiz! I'd marry Liam, DUH. ;)

I've posted this before but his hair is totally perfect in these pictures my fav is the 2nd one with that little floppy thing hanging down in front of his face😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️💞

Check out some One Direction items for sale here: onedirectionersco...

Aww>> but nobody cares if Narry does it but if Louis does its the end of the world. No hate to Larry shippers or Elouner shippers. I respect others~Adiah

When people talk bad about the boys [GIF]》》》》this kills me hahaha and he is si cutteeeeee

One Direction's, Niall Horan, w/ braces. Love it. ♥

are you kidding me right now? every time i think they can't possibly get any hotter...

we found a One Direction Niall doll for $5 for Lucy to add to her Barbie collection. :)

part 2 :) Niall: "nothing I just wanted to be part of the conversation." haha lol oh Niall!!