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Attack of the Brooches! Brazilian Aquamarine Brooch (and Bracelet and Tiaras)

Brazailian Aquamarine Tiara of Queen Elizabeth II.

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Spike Tiara, Spain (1906; made by Chaumet; diamonds). Originally set with turquoise stones, the tiara was a wedding present from King Alfonso XIII to Queen Victoria Eugenia. Later sold.

Princess Mary of England, Princess Royal and Countess of Harewood. The centerpiece of this tiara could be replaced with a large sapphire. (Hand painted photo by Alenka) solo tiara pin in Tiaras II.

The Oriental Tiara. The tiara was made for Queen Victoria in 1853. The inspiration for the design of this tiara, which includes ‘Moghul’ arches framing lotus flowers, came from Prince Albert who had been greatly impressed by the Indian jewels presented to the Queen by the East India Company at the conclusion of the Great Exhibition.

Designed by Prince Albert for Queen Victoria, this tiara is set with sapphires & diamonds and can be seen in the 1842 portrait of the Queen by Winterhalter.

Tiara belonging to Queen Maria Amelia of Portugal. There was a matching necklace. The tiara is now the property of HRH The Duke of Braganza.