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Day 15: Gods are one of my favorite mythological creatures ( I don't know if the count but were gonna pretend they do :D) I like how they are all different and have their own especialities to complete the mysteries of the world..

Wicca God Goddess Statues | was the greek god of the sea earthquakes and horses son of cronus god ...

Poséidon, dieu grec de la mer & des océans. Les Romains l'assimilent à Neptune - Dieu de l'Artémision, bronze antique représentant Zeus ou Poséidon - Ve siècle avant notre ère - Musée national archéologique d'Athènes.

Greek God- Ares, the god of war. Mars is the Roman name.

UV light shows how the Ancient Greek statues painted their sculptures

GOD OF WAR ARES STATUE Mars Greek Roman Mythology

Ancient Roman statue: Farnese Hercules, 3rd century, inspired by the Greek statue of Hercules.

Hephaestus Greek God Statue Mythology Warrior Pagan Altar Icon

GREEK GOD HADES STATUE Pluto Cerberus Greek Roman Mythology Sculpture