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Pretty Birds


  • Makaela Nagy

    All three characters deal with an oppression that comes from their societies and cultures. The oppression that Tambu and Nora have to deal with stems from the fact that they are women. Tambu is kept from building a life in education because of what her society believes women’s jobs should be. Nora is also oppresssed by society’s respricted view of women.

  • Anahy Aranda

    #ByN #Fotografia #Photography #Art #Black #Caged #Enjaulada

  • Ina


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Kaw Kaw! Kaw Kaw! was all these two could speak. They spoke of little things, string and roadkill meat.

Life is a Pliable, Unformed & Unending Dream, Try to Shape it into Good for All. Repeated Failure is not a Loss, it is the unexpected but Necessary Process for Those with Perfect Dream's That are Bigger Than Themselves. The Night's Long Journey ©Cristie Henry

I blinked in dismay as her hair... or should I say crows, as they flew from her head. So I hadn't been going bonkers, her hair was made of sleek feathers.

sublime image... "to birds" by Katia Chausheva (May 2007)

Creepy! That one girl looks like she doesn't have an arm.

For some reason this reminds me of Women in black and you think? @Henry Goulding

dear followers, i created a new board for crows and ravens. if you only follow some of my boards and want to see future corvid pins, go here;

Illustration by Quint Buchholz - Der Flug (The Flight), 1987.

"This simple and radical truth was known to the alchemists: It is the light hidden in matter that will redeem the world." — *From Anima Mundi: Awakening the Soul of the World; Published in Sufi Journal, Issue 67, Autumn 2005 by Llewellyn

A bird in the hand. I am not certain I understand this one, but it's certainly interesting.

I'm mad and that's a fact I found out animals don't help Animals think they're pretty smart Shit on the ground, see in the dark TALKING HEADS