Nifty Idea!

Ironing board...why didn't I think if that?!

Cover up an unsightly air vent with a rubber doormat. | 31 Easy DIY Upgrades That Will Make Your Home Look More Expensive

How To Hide A Thermostat With Style

Self stick tiles on wire shelving. Now why didn't I think of this ... @Ali DeLucia

Frame the TV

So much cleaner than a chalkboard wall!

Which way to hang curtains

Nice that laundry can not fall behind the machines, a folding counter right on top and doors to hide the machines!

Instantly hang a second panel behind existing curtains using a bungee cord!

36 Genius Ways To Hide The Eyesores In Your Home

Large area rug DIY for under $30...never would have thought of this!

DIY Canvas Art: Huge Impact, Low, Low, Low Cost.

Unique wall idea - same color, high gloss paint on flat paint walls

A moment in time... changed forever That is the cutest thing ever!!

Craftsman style mirror trim

toothpick holder for q-tips

DIY canvas pictures

for flip flops or flats - letter organizers in your closet

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