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    summer love ❤️


    summer summer summer

    Summer Bucket List : Paint all over my body with a friend and take an awesome photos.


    SERIOUSLY CANT WAIT!summer... pleasee come faster.

    Beach bonfires.

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    sky diving

    "i WILL make my body strong enough to trust it to do things like this again. because i am too young not to."


    When asked what I would like most above all in life, I say "to be free" and this is the vision in my mind

    Photography inspiration

    leap of faith // #pbinspo

    This is so awesome!

    jumping for it More Bucketlist, Cliff Jumping, Cliff Diving, The Ocean, Summer, Snorkeling, Leap Of Faith, Places, The Buckets Lists This summer, take a leap of faith Cliff diving. definitely on the bucket list Go cliff jumping! #bucketlist #fun #adventure #daring #summer seriously im not going to be happy with myself till i travel and go cliff diving in a hundred different places

    is it summer yet?

    "Well, well, Ariel's back in the water." Rose teased, she was safe and dry inside the boat. Mandy just smiled and kicked the water under her. It felt good to finally be back in the sea. The pool was good but authentic ocean was far better.

    Summer is just of series of "Well it seemed like a good idea at the time.." Strung into 3 amazing months. #WetSealSummer #Contest