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    Unmistakable Sign by SilverLady7.devia...

    skyrim and Avatar when cabbages are funny.

    Yes, I agree. Bending 101

    MY BRAIN JUST BROKE. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. I WANT IT TO BE A THING. Just ignore the comments on the bottom.

    If they made it right...then that would be awesome.....But sooooo many things would get broken....lamps, TVs, little brothers,.....

    Jayne's hat... a sign of awesomeness.

    The Last Airbender wisdom

    The littlest Airbender. | 14 Costumes Only Kids Can Pull Off

    Azula is a spoiled brat by ~Aries888 on deviantART

    Haha LOVE it!


    Perhaps...this theory would ease the ache -- Mels: "And you see, it all worked out in the end, didn't it? You got to raise me after all."

    Mai vs. Azula

    The Legend of Korra: this would have been hilarious, too bad it would be inappropriate for the moment of the show.

    The first time I've seen this one! And yes I do!!! #Avatar the last Airbender #ATLA Kataang forever ❤️❤️❤️ (even if you have no idea just scroll down its a nice pic)

    Toph. More legit than you.

    burp date. sounds great lol. xD this part was hilarious xD

    His namesake #Mako #Iroh #Asami

    #Pema, #Meelo wants to know

    Sokka has a beautiful soul

    Pro bending