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Isaiah Edwards, Laura's beloved "Mr Edwards" was a Mountain man who first met the Ingalls family while they were living on the open prairies of Kansas and later settled in Walnut Grove Edwards was a good man but troubled. he had many bouts with alcoholism, loss of faith, and depression due to past personal tragedies. He was known to get into brawls and gamble. But remained a good and faithful friend to the Ingalls' family. Played by Victor French (December 4, 1934 – June 15, 1989)

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Nels Oleson

Nels Oleson is the co-proprietor of Oleson's Mercantile with his wife, Harriet Oleson. They had three children: Nellie, Willie and adopted daughter, Nancy. Harriet and Nels are the perfect example of a love/hate relationship. The family moves to Winoka for economic reasons. Nels,and Harriet worked in the saloon; Nels kept the books and Harriet worked as a barmaid. One night, Nels won a large sum of money gambling and they return to Walnut Grove.. Played by Richard Bull (b. June 26, 1924)

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Victor French (Isaiah Edwards) Victor French began his TV career as a stuntman in westerns then graduated to bit parts in 'Gunsmoke,' in which he reportedly appeared 23 times. He and Michael Landon got along famously and often worked together, appearing with the actor in 'Bonanza,' Highway to Heaven' and 'Little House.' Following his stint on 'Little House,' French went on to star in 'Carter County.' He passed away from lung cancer in 1989.

Willie Oleson was the son and second child of Nels and Harriet Oleson. Brother to Nellie Oleson and adoptive brother to Nancy Oleson. Willie lived in Walnut Grove in his family's store. Mischievous and spoiled as a child, Willie causes trouble and plays pranks on other children. Willie was rarely punished being prevented by his mother unless her image or some precious object of hers was damaged or destroyed. Married Rachel Brown Played by Jonathan J. Gilbert (born April 28, 1967)