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    Scrap book paper! Awesome

    Wallpapered Stairs: Paste wallpaper to the riser of each stair – switching up patterns makes it extra eye-catching

    love this piece by Freddy and Petunia

    Bookcase w/ fabric behind shelves

    Studio apartment shelf is great for books and other stuffs. very neat and girly and vintage looking

    window coffee table. storage and art.

    Love so many things in this room. The chalkboard, the table runner, the wall shelves....

    Like the wine glass shelf

    Thrifted dresser with missing drawers, add shelves, wall paper inside. Very cute!

    I spy an 1) Eat These Things Poster, 2) Tiny Birch House, 3) Golden Scales Tumbler, 4) Strawberry Shortcake Print, 5) Terracotta Plate, and more goodies! Come check them out at

    Polka Dot Wrapping Paper Backed Bookcase Update the Look Behind Your Books {9 Easy Ideas}

    Put a battery-powered strand in a bell jar for an artsy DIY light. | 19 Super Cozy Ways To Use String Lights In Your Home

    Aluminum foil, wax paper, etc. dispenser... inside the pantry. i love this idea!

    Book shelf.

    Beckie's grandma and grandpa gave her an old rickety table that was set for the trash heap. Beckie stepped in and saved the table. The only problem was she didn't need a table. Shelves, however, she could use. Her friend Mike used a jigsaw to saw the the table in half. A shot of primer and spray paint later, and this is what it looks like now

    diy book shelf

    DIY this book shelf! @Carol Ham-Cobbe

    Shelves really revamp a boring small bathroom. I love this look! Really great way to organize but not make your bathroom feel even smaller. Under cabinet storage and baskets on the shelves are a great way to hide things you don't want openly displayed, too.

    Bathroom shelf DIY another cute idea with a huge pop of color

    Bathroom Shelf ~ DIY from Wooden Pallet

    great idea