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I can't see why people have to build up lies to people who know they are lying.


40 Life Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Funny pictures about Good guy husband. Oh, and cool pics about Good guy husband. Also, Good guy husband.

When we have little Josie.....The only one missing is when she straddles me and sleeps on my face.

Funny pictures about Baby sleeping positions. Oh, and cool pics about Baby sleeping positions. Also, Baby sleeping positions photos.

Mainly just a couple people...

"I need a new perspective on life . or maybe just a nap. Yeah, probably just a nap." A nap can cure any number of ills.

He was right all along…

He was right all along…

Einstein nailed it. Not really humorous, but it is some interesting food for thought. Perhaps it is morbidly funny.


"Yes, Bank account, I totally meant travel to the back yard.

Pinterest neck stretch - genius - hot guys - Channing Tatum - Ryan Reynolds - yum

) This is so funny. Does your neck feel better now? It does, great. Now get back to pinning ladies.

As seen at Safeway.   Yes, spacing between words is quite important, Yoda.   Oh, and watch where you put yer fingers.

Too Funny! This was a sign on a Safeway credit card machine to tell you that their pen is broken. Space placement is crucial!

states and descriptors.

Funny pictures about US State Stereotypes. Oh, and cool pics about US State Stereotypes. Also, US State Stereotypes photos.