Ish. I don't have a peep hole, but I have a s ndiw at the very top of the door, so I try to quietly jump up sometimes...

for real!

Fluffy socks = ninja

Oh my gosh laughing the whole time almost alll of them are exactly true for me I do nearly every single one of those!! Soooo glad to know that I'm not the only one for the hiding in the room part especially! Lol

Your Ninja Name

pretty much

found on fashionsociety.tu...

So me!!!

Lol. I would totally do this!

funny quote

Socially Awkward Penguin: I do this, I've done it today several times

all the time!

Lol, so true.

All the time!


Now this is funny. However I don't have the courage to do it!

Ok this is just hilarious!! It's so true!! Unless you are all muscle you feel so fat when you sit down!! Lol!

i cant be the only one.


Haha, yep.