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I love Biscoff cookies ( so I love Biscoff spread. It's like cookie Nutella! You can even use it as a frosting ( Though more difficult to find, I have used + loved the brand called Tamarin Spread (

Hibiscus flowers work as a great natural pink food coloring. I've used them to dye frosting pink ( It is also delicious and pretty candied (, and makes a nice tea (

I didn't realize how much I love my offset spatula until I tried spreading icing with a butter knife. This spatula is a must-have for spreading frosting.

It's so fun to make homemade mini ice cream cones:, I've also used this to make wafer cookies:

This egg tray is a total specialty item, but if you plan to made Easter egg cookies ( or cupcakes baked in eggshells ( it will make the presentation so much fancier.