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The boys' group hug after they won their first award of the night at the AMA's last night (GIF)

Since Everyone's so caught up in the Zouis drama, I seem to be the only one who noticed this.  Before the last show in Croker, Niall visited this little girl who has been very sick. She had kidney problems...  And niall took time to go visit her. AND then he raised 300 K for charity!!! You people need to get your act together.  This boy is a sweetheart and no one noticed. Nialls part of this band too. -Samantha>>>>>>FINALLY SOMONE WHO AGREES. ❤️ this post forever.

Directioners lost a member this week, a little girl called Leah Hession, who passed away at just six years old. Niall posted this pic in her memory.

He is adorable.

Oh Niall! Yeah, big difference between best international group and bed international group.