Teaching Math Vocabulary with "Illustrated Vocabulary"

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Math Vocabulary Cards!

Hands on Geometry - area/perimeter, surface area, volume, and circumference

Math Taboo to practice vocabulary - example for middle school, but .doc template provided to create your own - FREE!

Teaching Math With Songs

Great suggestions and routines for teaching students to write about their mathematical thinking.


Hey diddle diddle, the median's the middle

If your teacher won't let you bring a formula cheat sheet to class, just wear these socks. She'll never suspect. These crew length socks with chalk formulas fit a men's shoe size 8-12.5. Available in chalkboard green or black.

Area and perimeter with Cheez-Its!

math vocabulary cards. students still have access to vocabulary not currently focusing on. Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher: Monday Made It

Every unit, there will be vocabulary words that students need to know to understand the material. I think this would be an organized foldable perfect for just that. Students could write the word on the front and write the defintion in the flap. Students could utilize this as a studying tool for the test.

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Identify and graph coordinates in the four quadrants. A great foldable to place in an interactive math notebook.

Great Math Vocabulary Pictures

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always tell people that they're going to need math in the future. I plan on being a doctor... now why in the world would I need history being a doctor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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