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  • eCaring

    Infographic: How much more do women pay for health insurance What will the impact of the Affordable Care Act be? #gender #women #femae #girls #aging #senior #healthcare #obamacare #healthreform #health #healthy #america #us #insuracne #caring #caregiver #caregiving #seniorhealth #seniors #dental #vision #prevention #awareness #policy #healthpolicy

  • Jackie Flynt

    Tackling gender discrimination | Too often, women pay more than men for their health care, and insurance companies have long been free to discriminate based on gender. The Affordable Care Act is cracking down on these practices to make sure all of us pay a fair rate and have access to the services we need.

  • Alana Schwamberger

    Women’s Health Coverage 2014

  • Catherine dee Auvil

    The POTUS tweeted this map today, which illustrates just how much more the average 25-year-old woman pays for health insurance in each state. The worst offenders are Arkansas and Wyoming, the only two states where women pay on average 76 to 100 percent more than their male peers. The Affordable Care Act (or "Obamacare") - if it survives and is enacted in 2014, this pay gap — termed "gender-rating" — will be outlawed.

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A breast cancer survivor that been denied all health insurance other than the expensive federal high-risk pool which was unaffordable. This will all change starting in 2013 when no one can be denied health insurance for "pre-existing conditions" under the new Health Care Act. Thank you President Obama!

Republicans intended for the phrase 'Obamacare' to be a slur. Thirty years from now, won't it be sweet if everyone routinely refers to the health care system as 'Obamacare'.

Health care should be a universal right; it is in every civilized country except the United States.

Despite the cries of the Obamacare bashers that insurance companies would leave the exchanges in droves once they discovered how much money they are losing , it turns out that competition and choice are increasing as we head into 2015.

affordable health care act. Go to www.InsuranceOutl... to get up to 200 FREE quotes with top providers using Tonjua Walker as the referral agent and ID 1392

As the mother of a child who was diagnosed with cancer before the age of two and another child who inherited a genetic physical disorder from me - this is so important to me. When ever I hear people bash the ACA all I really hear them say is "Fuck your kids"

Which party is working to make life healthier for women? DEMOCRATS under OBAMA!!

The Anatomy of Health Insurance [Infographic]

I think I'm going to have a heart attack and die from that surprise.

ORIGINAL: By Campus Progress and Andy Warner. You can also check out the report this infographic is based on.