PENNY OIL PAINTING by Jacqueline Lou Skaggs | This small body of twelve works consist of images painted on found, discarded pennies.

Original Oil Painting Canadian Autumn Landscape Sunny by decorpro, $325.00

Awesome #StreetArt

Words, porcelain doll bust , altered book, found and made objects, bee’s wax

Fields of Gold - 16x36 Landscape Painting by Joey Cattone - NUMA Gallery

Hiroshi Matsumoto

Grace - Newest painting from Mai Autumn - Original painting and several print sizes available

The German artist Cornelia Konrads creates hallucinating in situ installations in public spaces, parks and private gardens throughout the world. His work is often punctuated by the illusion of weightlessness, when stacked objects (branch, log, stone) seem to be hanging in the air, increasing the temporary nature of the facility.

Oil Painting ~ Contemporary American Artist Michael Gregory


fantasy world

Encaustic painting 101 with great list of how to set up the needed supplies cheaply

A Painting A Day: Miniature Masterpieces - Small original oil paintings by Darren Maurer

I Paint

I took a class from this artist, last summer and fell in love with this sophisticated way of collaging

Tall Painting

LOVE this


speed painting - amazing watercolor portrait skills


Oil Painting"Formations," by Renato Muccillo.