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peaceful parenting: MRI Studies: The Brain Permanently Altered From Infant Circumcision

A Woman's Sexual Pleasure is Dramatically Decreased during intercourse when the man's penis has been surgically altered by circumcision

How I Almost Lost My Son to Circumcision - Family Sprouts

Why We Chose NOT to Circumcise Our Son - Mothering Community

To help in determining the degree of pain and stress caused by circumcision, infant response was compared to that resulting from other procedures. Circumcision resulted in significantly higher levels of behavioral distress and blood cortisol levels than did the other procedures.

Myths about Circumcision You Likely Believe - Psychology Today Series This is one of the most well-done, thoroughly researched, and non-inflamatory series I've read concerning routine infant circumcision. Pinning for future reference if we ever have sons.

CDC wants all males to be circumcised--Psychology Today's , stance and rebuttal (don't do it, it's harmful!)

Should I Circumcise? The Pros and Cons of Infant Circumcision (lots of resources and links)

I am having an internal debate about circumsion with myself. I am not sold either way...

USA has the highest percentage of circumcision procedures done on infants compared to the entire world. This article is about a mother (founder of The WHOLE Network - non-profit organization to inform and educate families about the benefits of keeping future sons intact) who looked into this important decision to find all the reasons to circumcise aren't very good reasons at all.

Infant Circumcision Operation on youtube. I literally could not finish watching. I cried and cried some more, how can people do this to their children, especially when pediatricians do NOT recommend it for any reason

Complications of Circumcision: What Can Go Wrong