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peaceful parenting: MRI Studies: The Brain Permanently Altered From Infant Circumcision

A Woman's Sexual Pleasure is Dramatically Decreased during intercourse when the man's penis has been surgically altered by circumcision

End circumcision. The more you know, the more you are against it. A blatant human rights violation carried out against our most defenseless - newborns. End this travesty.

Vitamin B supplementation before conception improves health of newborns

THE CIRCUMCISION DECISION......... "and circumcision crossed my mind. At the time, I did not think there was even a choice about circumcision. Every male I knew- my husband, dad, brothers, friends – were all circumcised. The thought of a penis with a foreskin wasn’t appealing to me (even though I never saw one in real life), and I had always heard of women saying it was “dirty” or “gross”. I also advocated the benefits of circumcision (even though I never truly looked at the research articles.)"

Said a nurse to a new mother today, "He's not hurting at all. They just used a little plastic piece and he barely whimpered through the whole thing." Please beware of the Plastibell Lie commonly told to parents to avoid raising stress levels of postpartum mothers and getting into a mess of trouble with hospital protocol. #Circumcision #Plastibell #Intact

Circumcision: Information for parents

What about all the happily circumcised men? | Not Yours to Cut

What is lost due to circumcision? Many people think circumcision removes nothing more than a little extra skin. The truth is that circumcision removes several critical components of male sexual anatomy. This list enumerates everything currently known to be lost when one is circumcised. Learn more at

Over the years, many studies have established a link between infant circumcision and difficulty breastfeeding. Here is a summary of a dozen ...