happy new year!

Container Herb Garden - growing perennial herbs that will come back year after year.

Mixing Creative: Garden Journaling -- help remember from year to year

We are doing a container vegetable garden this year!

How to {DOUBLE} your vegetable harvest this year!

Learn when and how to harvest and store seeds from your own garden to plant for the following year.

How to plan a garden for self-sufficiency and build on it each year.

Garden trellis out of an old chair without a seat! Very clever!! I'll have to remember this next year!!

~Grow the same vegetable plant for years, here are some #perennialvegetables you should try!~

How to grow ~~ a $100 dollar per year garden #gardening #diy #frugal

Fall Garden Checklist: 10 Things to do this time of year!

Here’s a list of how you can use annuals (plants that you need to replant every year) in your garden. | 23 Diagrams That Make Gardening So Much Easier

Self-Watering Planters For Starting Seeds

[10 EASIEST Vegetables to Grow] Make this THE YEAR you start that vegetable garden.

Egg shell dust for your garden! I have used this for 2 years and my soil is so much healthier.

DIY Make your own screens to keep critters out while young seedlings are sprouting - sorry, squirrels! http://empressofdirt.net/most-useful-garden-accessory-this-year-squirrel-screens/

for my garden

Black-eyed Susan vine - you must plant one of these in your garden this year - it's the vine that keeps going strong all summer long

I'd rather be in my garden

Three Dogs in a Garden: A Garden Over Twenty Years in the Making (Part 1) The colors, textures and placements of plants are spectacular.

My shade garden... Flowering shade perennials, come back year after year, and are maintenance free!!