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Jean-Louis and Marie-Angélique Riel, children of Louis Riel

Love your coat Louis Riel, 1878

Jean-Louis & Angelique Riel, children of Louis Riel, Winnipeg, 1888. Photo: Steele Studio

Photographs of Louis Riel found in Australia. www.huffingtonpos...

in 1882, Riel actively campaigned on behalf of the Republican Party. He brought a suit against a Democrat for rigging a vote, but was then himself accused of fraudulently inducing British subjects to take part in the election. In response, Riel applied for United States citizenship and was naturalized on 16 March 1883. With two young children, he had by 1884 settled down and was teaching school at the St. Peter's Jesuit mission in the Sun River district of Montana.

Louis David Riel (the son of Louis Riel Sr. and Julie Lagimodiere) Chipewyan/French Canadian (aka Métis) - 1858

Louis Riel's Coat - Métis beadwork - buckskin jacket

"Dumais, the Meti," Louis Riel's lieutenant :: UM-Photo Archives

Louis Riel Sr. (père) (July 7, 1817 – January 21, 1864) was a farmer, miller, Métis leader, and the father of Louis Riel.

Gabriel Dumont, the fist of Louis Riel.

Ambroise Dydime Lepine (18 March 1840 – 8 June 1923) was a military leader of the Métis under the command of Louis Riel during the Red River Rebellion of 1869-1870. He was tried and sentenced to death for his role in the rebellion and for the execution of Thomas Scott, but his sentence was commuted by Governor General Lord Dufferin. He is buried in the churchyard of the St. Boniface Cathedral next to Riel. Metis, red river rebellion, riel, louis riel

Louis Riel, the Red River Rebellion and the North West Campaign