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      "My people will sleep for 100 years, but when they awake, it will be the artists who give them their spirit back." - Louis Riel (artist: Andres Musta)

    • Roger OUIMET

      one of my favorite Riel quotes

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    Iroquois regalia

    Traditional Metis Home (located at the Edmonton Metis Nation of Alberta Office)

    Image detail for -Basically Medicine: Native American Medicine Wheel Http;//

    2013 Métis (First Nations) Jacket (detail) at the McCord Museum, Montreal - From the curators' comments: "Artist Briony Goddard made this hide jacket. Her designs, worked in vintage and contemporary glass beads, incorporate traditional floral elements, which she intersperses with plants and flowers found locally in the client's home region. The result is a new hybrid design - stunning evidence of the artist's flexibility."

    iriquios beadwork | Historic Iroquois and Wabanaki Beadwork

    Seven teachings - no matter religious beliefs, these are great to live by

    Sage Smudging. Purifies the energies in a home. Love when I do this in our home. It clears out the old stagnant, stale and negative energies. A must several times a year.

    Now that we’re experiencing that sudden dip in temperature, cozy-up to these adorable moccasin boots by Manitobah Mukluks.

    "Mr. and Mrs. J. Bottineau, Willow Bunch, SK. n.d. A Métis commercial buffalo hunter and his wife in earlier times, JE. THE VIRTUAL MUSEUM OF MÉTIS HISTORY AND CULTURE."

    Métis Sash - the 3 metre long sash was usually wrapped around the midsection of the body, either to keep the coat closed, or to hold belongings, like a hunting knife or fire bag.

    Christi Belcourt :: Based on Tradition, Inspired by Nature

    CREE BEADED AND FRINGED HIDE CAPOTE of classic construction, thread sewn with glass beadwork and sequins, with "epaulettes" on the shoulders, and a series of diamond designs along the hemline. length without fringe 45 in.

    Manitobah Mukluks

    Native American beads were originally carved from shells, coral, turquoise and other stones. Glass beads were not part of the Indian crafts scene until the colonists brought them to the Americas from Europe 500 years ago and they quickly became part of American Indian culture. [Courtesy of Native Arts Trading]

    A Red River Metis beaded octopus bag On black felt trimmed with red silk, partially beaded in heavy three-dimensional renditions of naturalistic floriforms, wool tassel suspensions. length 20in

    Louis Riel's Coat - Métis beadwork - buckskin jacket

    Wings of the Raven - Aaron Paquette is a First Nation/Metis artist, writer and presenter.

    I think Garrett's beautiful metis fiancee would have resembled this woman. Native American beauty 19th century photography | Tumblr

    In 1884 starving Indians robbed government storehouses and killed several local officials. Crees, Assiniboines, and Métis fended off an attack by troops

    Metis Beadwork: Patterns

    Design and Patterns in Metis Beadwork | Scribd

    Cdn Metis Arrow Sash - red represents the blood thatwas shed through the years; blue is for the depth of their spirits; green is for the fertility of a great nation; white is for the connection to the earth and the creator; yellow is for the prospect of prosperity

    Native American Jingle Cones | Beaded Smoking Jacket

    Métis Symbol with Bison by Métis Artist Bouvette

    Métis Red River Cart