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SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENTS ? – Human Sacrifice and Execution in Celtic Europe

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etsycult: “ Loitsu is the Finnish word for a spell, an incantation. Loitsu Crafts is the shop of my incredibly talented friend Renée, and how fitting it is - she came to Finland from the other side of...

Arduinna - Celtic goddess of the moon, forests and the wild woods. She rules over the woodlands and the animals. She protects human hunters and wild boars, maintaining a sacred balance between them.

Britain c. 802 was divided among competing groups, with most of England controlled by the Germanic Angles, Saxons & Jutes and Scotland divided between the Picts (the kingdom of Fortriu) & the Gaels (the kingdom of Dalriada) from Ireland who together combined to form the basis of the Scottish nation. 'Britons' here means the Celtic peoples -- including the Welsh in Wales & the Cornish in Cornwall (here labeled 'West Wales') -- pushed out of England by the Germanic tribes.

The only thing off is Saturn for Saturday. Saturn is a Roman God and the Norse correspondence is the God Seater. The days of the week would then be as follows: Moon day, Tyr's day, Woden's (Odin's) day, Thor's day, Freya's day, Seater's day, and Sun day.