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Thai Health Promotion Foundation- Smoking Kid

Maybe One Of The Best Anti-Smoking Ads Ever Developed. Probably One Of The very best Anti-Smoking Ads Ever before Created. Probably One Of The very best Anti

P: The Best Job (by Wieden+Kennedy)

Para as Olimpíadas de Londres 2012, P&G lança sua maior campanha global: “Obrigado, mãe!”

P: The Best Job (by Wieden+Kennedy)

M's Go Gangnam Style In Paris - http://www.creativeguerrillamarketing.com/guerrilla-marketing/mms-go-gangnam-style-in-paris/

M&M's Go Gangnam Style In Paris

Fake operation of guerilla marketing m&m's by French students in a second year of master in international marketing at Inseec business school Paris.

Coca-Cola vuelve a sorprender una vez más con este experimento de márketing, que demostrará que la zero sabe igual que la original. Para ello escoge un avión como lugar donde realizarlo. Se ofrece a los pasajeros Coca-Cola zero; posteriormente se da la oportunidad a los que lo deseen de cambiarla por una normal. Algunos deciden cambiar, para lo que se les da un envase de Coca-Cola normal, pero en su interior está el envase y contenido de Coca-Cola zero sin que los pasajeros lo sepan.

Coca Cola wanted to prove that Coke Zero doesn’t taste any different from regular Coke. Of course there is a difference between the two, but it is hardly noticeable by the regular Coke consumer.

Dear Hahn, soggy beer mats alway stick to the bottom of my beer. Can you help?

Spill-Proof Beer – Un gadget pour garder votre bière toujours droite, même en…

Festival de Magie de Québec - Pouvoirs Magiques - Stunt 2013

Festival de Magie de Québec - Pouvoirs Magiques - Stunt 2013

That's right – you can now play the Nokia 3210 classic on some fountains in King's Cross. Seriously. Shot and edited by David Clack.

As part of the "Take a break" campaign by Kit Kat, we co-created an interactive and innovative way to lower stress levels and generate engagement.

Would you bust a move in front of a crowd just for a bottle of coke?

Coca-Cola Dancing Vending Machine - Sprite Giant Soda Machine Shower - Unconventional Marketing - Module 4 - Small and Big

Coca-Cola: The Happy Flag - http://www.creativeguerrillamarketing.com/guerrilla-marketing/coca-cola-the-happy-flag/

Coca-Cola: The Happy Flag

Coca Cola Happy Flag, Copenhagen Airport Using the Danish flag in ads

Nivea - Stress Protect

Work of Felix & Lamberti agency for Nivea. CREDITS Client: Nivea Agency: Felix & Lamberti, Hamburg, Germany Creative Director, Copywriter: Felix Schulz Art D.

10 Excellent Examples of Guerrilla Marketing

10 Excellent Examples of Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns [VIDEOS]