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Here for your enjoyment is an exciting photograph of a Kutenai Woman. It was made in 1910 by Edward S. Curtis. The photo illustrates Woman holding paddle, standing by canoe at edge of lake, probably in Idaho or Montana. We have compiled this collection of photos mainly to serve as a vital educational resource. Contact

Swallow Bird, a handsome Crow Indian of Crow Nation in Montana. It was taken in 1908 by Edward S. Curtis.

Above we show a vital photo of a Wishham Child. It was made in 1910 by Edward S. Curtis. The illustration documents a Wishham Indian girl, three-quarter length, seated, wearing basket like hat, cotton plaid dress, shell beads decorated with silver dollars.

Medicine Crow. Crow Indian in Montana. He is wearing a hawk hide headdress, two earrings in his right ear, a disc ornaments, shell beads, and a beaded scalp shirt. By Edward S. Curtis, 1908.

Montana - Portrait of a Flathead chief adorned in strips of the popular ermine, Glacier National Park