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    Photo Caring hands by Amelia Vermaak

    Having a bad day? Not anymore. This is the most adorable thing I have ever seen. Ever. How mama stops a nightmare.

    Baby wolf

    "I'm sorry I kicked Darren in the face for cheating on you." "I'm sorry I yelled at you for doing it. I was just startled." "Hoof to God, I think he deserved it. You're a princess." "I love you, Shelly." "I love you, too."

    little lamb responding to owner calling. This is adorable.

    Wolf Pup


    Mommy and babies...


    Oh man, that's tender... That definitely hurts a little bit. They should cut you off after a while, you know? For your own good. I mean, I guess that wouldn't technically make it an "unlimited" soup, salad and breadstick meal, but still...

    baby seal

    I want to tell you a secret...


    Baby turtles




    Green tree frog

    wall art



    Icebear mommy


    i just.. i...