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    Here're instructions for making an eye-catching hoodie for your laptop to use in public spaces for warmth and privacy. These are more sculptures than they are practical devices, and as such they're a fun challenge for knitting because of the complex form. A great site for learning a bunch of differe...
    April 18, 2008

    Designed to help you stay focused. hhaahha

    3y Saved to haha


    • Taylor Beuree

      The idea is to provide the user "privacy, warmth, and concentration" when using a laptop in public spaces... I cant believe that they actually sell this! Haha

    • Danelle Kentfield

      laptop privacy sweater ... I cannot stop laughing.....a good idea for when 50 Shades comes out on video!!

    • Kelsie Krick

      laptop privacy sweater ...hysterical! Great for gaming too! :) i just cant stop laughing at this!!!!wtf?!?!?!?

    • Velvet Whitt

      laptop privacy sweater ... I cannot stop laughing. I have no idea why this is so funny. It looks ridiculous.

    • Sonya Reece

      Laptop privacy sweater ... I cannot stop laughing... Talk about your re-purposing idea HA!

    • mystinkypete

      The idea behind this ridiculous product is to offer you both privacy and warmth while working on your laptop. The reality is that your torso is exposed to the elements and everyone at the office thinks you are a freak. So now the company’s fortunes take a turn for the worse and it’s time to consider downsizing. Who do we let go? How about that crazy person that’s probably looking at pornography at work while wearing a gigantic sock over their head? Yeah, nobody trusts that guy.

    • Michelle Cole

      laptop privacy sweater ...... For some reason this makes me giggle.

    • Lauren Spencer

      laptop privacy sweater... HAHAH i cant stop laughing

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