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  • Kristine Hyde
    Kristine Hyde • 3 years ago

    another tip I've found to help with tightness and curling is to chain 1 after you've pulled your yarn through the "bar." It REALLY helps the tension and curling...

  • Tracey Brown
    Tracey Brown • 3 years ago

    You can get the hooks at Michael's, Joanns, and even Walmart! I just learned how to do this recently and am LOVING it!!!!!

  • Roberta Brecheen
    Roberta Brecheen • 3 years ago

    I love this stitch. I just made two potholder sofast. I usually lose count of my stitches. With this one it is so easy.

  • Bebe McGuffey-Runyon
    Bebe McGuffey-Runyon • 3 years ago

    This made it easy for me to learn, except I made my first row to tight and it's curling up on me. How can I loosen it? Or should I just redo the foundation?

  • LuAnn Hawkins VanBoven
    LuAnn Hawkins VanBoven • 3 years ago

    So Mary - If you do 15 for your chain, and make it long enough to be the width of a baby blanket, then end it, would you just keep keep crocheting strips until you have enough for the length of the blanket and then stitch them together? Just started crocheting! Thanks!

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